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Ampera, an electric go-anywhere

Opel one step in mobility and makes good his promise to the sleek, revolutionary and practical Ampera. We witnessed firsthand the international press presentation of the first electric vehicle in Europe that can go anywhere at any time.

With a base price of 42,900 euros, this innovative car batteries recharge in four hours from a domestic power outlet.

The first deliveries of series production car will be made before the end of this present year, with a base price of 42,900 euros.

The Ampera moves the acclaimed design language of the brand to the segment of automobiles powered by electricity, sculptural craftsmanship mixing with German precision.

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First Contact: Ampera The future starts today

Tomorrow is today, and today is actually yesterday. The future begins at the time. Since July 4, 2011 the future of electric mobility and present lives. The Ampera can be had for a price that starts at 42,900 euro s. We have not bought the "first fully electric car adapted to everyday life in Germany," but we tried it.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made ​​mobility a question of state power and hopes to get a million electric cars moved through the streets of Germany before 2020. Opel has already taken the first step in this direction and start to deliver the first cars electric this year.

Unlike other German manufacturers, GM's subsidiary offers Ampera model for any customer, including those on foot.

During the first full year of production Opel has sold approximately 10,000 units in Germany and according to his spokesperson, Mr. Patrick Munsch, and more than 5,000 bookings received.

News in ... http://ww2.autoscout24.es/primer-contacto/opel-ampera/el-futuro-comienza-hoy/4319/236466/

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Ampera, a power not to

In early 2012, will go on sale in Spain the new Opel Ampera first passenger extended-range electric capacity to travel between 40 and 80 km to the battery charge, and up to 500 with the recharge provided by your engine. Will come with a price of 42,900 euros, which will be deducted Movele Plan aid and add the extras requested. Ppor example, does not include standard web browser.

Although Ampera has 2 motors, one electric and one 150 Nm CV/370 thermal gasoline 4-cylinder and 1.4 liter 86 hp, is not a hybrid style Toyota Prius, for example, it is the power unit is the one that moves the wheels, although in some extreme case of gas could get to help the movement. In general, the hybrid electric motor provides support, while important, for the drive, but in this Ampera power, and above all its torque, sufficient to achieve the benefits of a conventional sedan: 160 km / h and 0 to 100 km / h in 9 seconds. In nine urban traffic with surprising agility, as goes from 0 to 50 km / h in 3.1 seconds.

News in ... http://www.abc.es/20110720/motor-novedades/abci-opel-ampera-electrico-para-201107200747.html

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Opel expects to sell ten thousand units of electricity in 2012 Ampera

The German car manufacturer Opel, a General Motors expects to sell about 10,000 units in 2012 to its extended range electric car Ampera, whose first units will begin to be delivered later this year.

The Ampera will go on sale with an asking price of 42,900 euros, including 18% of the VAT, although the amount can vary between different countries and the automotive trim levels can also be different.

This car is powered by an electric motor of 150 horsepower, which can only work with lithium batteries for a distance of 40 to 80 kilometers. However, the gasoline engine that acts as a generator to extend its range to more than 500 kilometers.

The Ampera consumes less than 1.6 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers and its CO 2 emissions are below 40 grams. As for performance, accelerates from zero to sixty in 9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 161 km / h.

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Opel will have a fuel cell vehicle in 2015

The expected arrival of Ampera, cousin of the Chevrolet Volt on the American continent, it is not an isolated incident within the ecological plans of the German company. The arrival of this model, the end of next year, will kick off for different environmental proposals that Opel is shuffling, among them find more efficient combustion engines, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell models.

Regarding the latter, the anticipation of the German company is to launch the first fuel cell Opel in 2015, the last case the result obtained as a result of 15,800 million dollars, about 10,880 million euros, based on today's - the company has devoted to research and development of greener vehicles. In terms of approaches and characteristics of these future models, and given how early it has been confirmed, is completely unknown

News in ... http://www.motorspain.com/30-06-2011/marcas/opel/opel-tendra-un-vehiculo-de-pila-de-combustible-en-2015

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