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New article in the New Opel Ampera in Argentina

A final this year will begin marketing in Europe of new electric vehicle to a value of 42,900 euros.

The Opel Ampera be the first electric vehicle in Europe to offer the possibility of extending autonomy. The electrical mobility is the best solution for reducing automotive emissions and oil dependency, but if electric cars are to represent a benefit to the environment and society, should be both attractive to a broad class of customers, not just for those living in cities. Now, this ambitious goal is much easier with the revolutionary electric vehicle Ampera.

News on ... http://tiempo.elargentino.com

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Electric vehicles: a profitable investment?

From page cotizalia.com we bring you this interesting article on the electric vehiíulos.

"..... Not a good time for the automobiles sector l, no doubt. Car sales fell as much as 23.5% in January, figures which did not reach that level since 1993. However, within these bleak figures is a rising subsector: electric cars. But electric cars are a good investment for 2011?

According to a report by the consultancy DBK, electric vehicles are fully under the introduction into our country. The Spanish fleet of these vehicles reached 50,000 units in 2014, a figure that could reach 600,000 cars in 2020.

In contrast, overall sales fall, inexperience and limitations of the current sector
Overall we can say that 2011 will not be a good year to invest in vehicles, whatever type they are. The drop in sales is not expected to subside, and the big brands do not admit that this year is reached even one million sales. In addition, the electric vehicle industry is too nascent to any positive outlook can be 100% accurate.

Moreover, electric cars still face major obstacles to their marketing: its high price, its very small range and the difficulty of finding points of recharge.

Pros: Movele Plan, an initiative of the major brands and government support
However, if we look at reality from a different prism see that 2011 (and onwards) can be really good for the electric car: Plan Movele already taken the first step in 2010, giving aid of up to 7,000 euros for the acquisition of 400 electric cars, even pyrrhic figures but this year will be linked to other campaigns to promote these vehicles.

And, while the automobile industry 'normal' is faltering badly, the electric cars will receive an incentive of 255 million euros from the Ministry of Industry, which devoted the bulk of this amount from the manufacturers. Moreover, while purchases by individuals remain in free fall, the government compared to 95% of these vehicles.

Not surprisingly, therefore, that the report of DBK ensure that 2011 is the year when the big brands to overturn the electric car. In fact, not all manufacturers are suffering with the current scene. Mazda, which has earned 25.3 million euros in the first nine months of its fiscal year, has already announced that starting with the hire of these vehicles. Nissan is also optimistic, where they hope to increase sales by 8.4% in 2011 despite the forecasted to fall 11% of the entire sector.

Thus, it is expected that in the coming years, reaching sales of 600,000 vehicles, some vehicles will drastically lowering prices and increasing their autonomy, thus encouraging potential private purchasers ... "

The full article ... http://www.cotizalia.com

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Opel Ampera first data and details

Surfing the web, we have found an interesting article on the new Opel Ampera.

With five doors and four seats, carries a small gasoline engine to recharge the batteries, the Opel Ampera is the first electric vehicle in Europe that allows the driver to travel the distance you want, at any time without worrying about the possibility of running out of battery .

Not come to our market until the last quarter of the year, but Opel has already communicated its price and, most importantly, be able to order from dealers of the brand.

Anyway, we should expect to know the total amount of official aid Ampera receive for being a hybrid car, which vary depending on each region. Also important is the price that Opel has been defined for Europe, 42,900 euros could vary depending on the equipment you choose the brand for each market. Furthermore, Opel is finalizing financing arrangements attractive and rental will be communicated shortly.

In any case, the Ampera is already a reality that has been waiting thing, but at the end of the day and can be considered for all purposes a new hybrid vehicle alternative, although very notable differences compared to that seen so far. First we must explain that defines Opel Ampera its new model as the first extended-range electric car.

A new step undoubtedly in search of clean car to be clearing the way towards a fully sustainable mobility that dispenses with oil as an energy source. But what exactly does extended range? Well, unlike a 100% electric vehicle, powered by batteries that are charged to the public grid, the Ampera has also - along with two electric motors, a small gasoline engine that acts as a generator. That is, the small gasoline engine is not connected to the wheels of Ampera and serves only to produce electricity that is ultimately the power that moves the Ampera.

The step taken by Opel's really important, since the Ampera gathers the best of electric vehicles without having to carry so unpleasant drawbacks such as limited autonomy or anxiety that creates the possibility of running out of battery, which would ultimately as a failure. Ie Ampera provides the possibility of daily use without any restrictions. And that is a very important development.

In principle, the operation of Ampera is like any electric vehicle. Ie is is powered by electricity at all times and speeds. As with all electric cars, no noise from the mechanical and the start of the ride is very smooth. Extremely easy to drive-the-stall Ampera can never just brake pedal and operate the contact. Then the driver must move the shift lever to the typical D position and lift your foot off the brake to start to move in an absolutely silent. When you release the accelerator pedal, the car retains slightly more or less as in a gasoline engine with a long running at low speed.

Opel's recommended retail price in Europe - not including government assistance, began in the 42,900 euros. Customers wishing to book a Ampera or request a test may do so by registering www.opelampera.es. Ampera marketing will begin in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Full article ... http://www.lavanguardia.es

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The Opel Ampera and can be booked and the price is announced

Who is willing to book a Opel Ampera can do so from now but will have to wait until the last quarter of 2011 to be with him. A year of waiting for a car that cost 42,900 euros, as announced by Opel. This price does not include state aid and is not definitive, since it has been announced for Europe.

Priced at first glance may seem very expensive (not saying that it is not) but with the Opel Ampera buy the complete set.

But we can not compare with the electric, as the Opel Ampera is an extended-range electric and has the benefit of having an internal combustion engine to increase their autonomy. This, at this stage of course and without the necessary deployment in Electrolinera network can be an advantage.

If I'm correct, government subsidies for electric cars are 20% of the price of the car without tax to a maximum of 6,000 euros. If we remove the VAT to get the 36,355 euros 42,900 euros to start. About 20% of that value exceeds the maximum, remains in 30,355 euros.

More information ... http://www.motorpasion.com

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Opel Ampera First Test - Part I

From semanaldigital.com we bring the first part of the test that have done a Ampera Opel and valuations.

In 2011 production start of the first extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV), the most efficient technique while improving their current battery technology.

All brands, large or small, showed a palpable anxiety to minimize fuel consumption and pollution at the lowest of the records, and at that point Opel seems to be one step ahead, as their Ampera is the first electric car, assisted by a small combustion engine as a generator, ensure a realistic use in all conditions, especially considering that 80% of the average European citizen's movements are less than 50 km daily.

When production begins in 2011 and reach the market in the autumn of that year, the Opel Ampera is destined to be the first extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV, for extended range electric vehicle) produced in series to reach the European continent a milestone that allows us to imagine the gradual implementation of all advanced propulsion technologies General Motors.

Continue reading ... www.elsemanaldigital.com

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