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Club Ampera is the portal where you will find all the information available online about Opel Ampera. Images, news, videos, wallpapers... and with time, a large community of friends. Go for it and register!

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Latest news about Opel Ampera

Opel loading process Ampera

As you know, the Opel Ampera be a vehicle not only can function as a conventional gasoline car, but also as an electric motor. As I am sure many of you, like me, wonder how will the process of loading a car of this kind, I think this video will give us an idea.

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Selection between gasoline and electric engine in the Opel Ampera

In the Opel Ampera assumes that the car will run on electric power until the "runs" (Batteries 30%), at which the gas generator would be launched. It is speculated that Europe could afford the driver to change it at will, and choose when going on battery and when gasoline.

The electric range is about 64 miles (56.32 km EPA). The driver can choose, for example, travel on electricity alone urban sections, or areas with jam, or uphill, or situations of lower efficiency. But if the driver does not choose the optimum time, I see no great advantage of this functionality, apart from a slight improvement in battery life.

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Opel moving Ampera

Here you have two interesting video, of the few that currently exist in Castilian, which can be seen moving to Opel Ampera and an interview with one of its creators.

In the second video you will see (a part of its spectacular appearance) so very quiet it is in motion, amazing!

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The Opel Ampera inside

Now for the interior of the Opel Ampera futuristic as one would expect for a car of this kind.

This time I leave not only images but also a video where you can see all the details that make the cabin Ampera. I personally love it, "and you?

imágenes del interior (3 images)

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Opel display photographs Ampera

First, be all welcome to Club Opel Ampera, the first website dedicated excuse the spectacular Opel Ampera. Within this site will meet all the news about the new electric model of Opel and we can comment in our forum. Hope you like it and you feel comfortable within the club.

To whet your appetite I leave here the first gallery of images that showed us how Opel Ampera presentation:

fotografías oficiales (9 images)

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