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Opel will have a fuel cell vehicle in 2015

The expected arrival of Ampera, cousin of the Chevrolet Volt on the American continent, it is not an isolated incident within the ecological plans of the German company. The arrival of this model, the end of next year, will kick off for different environmental proposals that Opel is shuffling, among them find more efficient combustion engines, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell models.

Regarding the latter, the anticipation of the German company is to launch the first fuel cell Opel in 2015, the last case the result obtained as a result of 15,800 million dollars, about 10,880 million euros, based on today's - the company has devoted to research and development of greener vehicles. In terms of approaches and characteristics of these future models, and given how early it has been confirmed, is completely unknown

News in ... http://www.motorspain.com/30-06-2011/marcas/opel/opel-tendra-un-vehiculo-de-pila-de-combustible-en-2015

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