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Opel expects to sell ten thousand units of electricity in 2012 Ampera

The German car manufacturer Opel, a General Motors expects to sell about 10,000 units in 2012 to its extended range electric car Ampera, whose first units will begin to be delivered later this year.

The Ampera will go on sale with an asking price of 42,900 euros, including 18% of the VAT, although the amount can vary between different countries and the automotive trim levels can also be different.

This car is powered by an electric motor of 150 horsepower, which can only work with lithium batteries for a distance of 40 to 80 kilometers. However, the gasoline engine that acts as a generator to extend its range to more than 500 kilometers.

The Ampera consumes less than 1.6 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers and its CO 2 emissions are below 40 grams. As for performance, accelerates from zero to sixty in 9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 161 km / h.

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